Services We Provide

IT / ITes Services

We pioneer tech solutions of tomorrow's success, empowering businesses with innovation, integration, and constant elevation."

Web Development, Design

Creating and optimizing websites for enhanced user experience and functionality.

IT Consulting

Presentations are communication tools that can be used as demonstrations, lectures, speeches, reports,

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Extracting actionable insights from data to support informed decision-making.

Cybersecurity Services

Protecting digital assets through robust security measures and protocols.

Digital Publishing Services

Designing, developing, and optimizing websites to provide an exceptional user experience, seamless functionality, and effective performance that aligns with business objectives and user expectations.


We excels in ADA, 508, WCAG compliance, offering global accessibility solutions. Expert audits, remediation, consulting, and training services ensure compliance excellence."

Digital Conversion

Transform your content for the digital era with expert conversion services, specializing in XML and eBooks, ensuring a strong presence across devices

Page Compositon

Excel in composition using Adobe InDesign, 3B2, and LaTeX. Our tailored XML workflows maintain content integrity, offering templates, print-ready files, and Pitstop reports.

Art & Illustration

"Our skilled graphic designers offer precise and creative artwork services, from intricate illustrations to image enhancements. Services include conversions, redraws, and banners."

BPO Services

GIT Globaltech excels in BPO services, delivering meticulous market research and regulatory compliance support. Our expertise extends to efficient insurance claims processing and strategic fraud detection, ensuring robust financial security for clients. With a commitment to operational excellence, we enhance business processes across diverse sectors.

Market Research & Analysis

Conduct market research and analysis for the telecom, insurance, and banking sectors to help clients make informed business decisions.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

Provide assistance in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards for telecom, insurance, banking and other clients.

Claims Processing

Specialize in insurance claims processing, ensuring efficient and accurate handling of claims for clients in the UK insurance sector..

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Offer expertise in fraud detection and prevention strategies for banks, enhancing security and protecting clients' financial interests.