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About Our Company

GIT's commitment to excellence extends beyond merely addressing business challenges. With a keen focus on innovation, we strive to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only resolve complexities but also elevate operational efficiency and propel business growth. Our contemporary IT products and services are crafted with a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that clients stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape. In addition to our IT prowess, GIT stands out for its tailored HR solutions and recruitment services. We understand that success hinges on having the right talent in the right roles. Therefore, we go beyond conventional recruitment practices, leveraging our expertise to match a diverse range of skill sets with the unique demands of various business sectors. What sets GIT apart is our unwavering commitment to precision in talent placement. Our recruitment process is not merely transactional; it's a strategic partnership aimed at fostering long-term success.

Founder's Message & Vision

With a steadfast commitment to pioneering tech solutions, our vision extends to shaping a successful tomorrow for businesses. Beyond the realm of entrepreneurship, I bring over 18 years of expertise in institutional establishment and startups. As the President of the AP NGO's Association, I actively drive qualitative social projects, aiming for positive community impact. GIT, founded with a mission, seeks to provide impactful IT services while also fostering increased employment opportunities for the dynamic youth of India. Our journey is marked by innovation, integration, and an unwavering dedication to constant elevation. In my entrepreneurial journey, I have successfully navigated the complexities of institutional establishment and startups, accumulating valuable insights along the way. As the President of the AP NGO's Association, I lead initiatives that contribute to the welfare of society, emphasizing qualitative social projects. Founding GIT reflects my vision of contributing to the tech landscape with impactful IT services. Moreover, I aspire to create a significant impact on employment opportunities, particularly for the vibrant and ambitious youth of India.


"Empowering Success Through Innovative Tech Solutions"At Geeks Ikon Technologies, our commitment to empowering success goes beyond just delivering cutting-edge tech solutions. With a passion for innovation, we embrace the dynamic challenges of the digital landscape, offering clients not just services but a partnership in achieving their aspirations. Our dedicated team of tech enthusiasts works tirelessly to understand the unique needs of each client, tailoring solutions that drive growth and excellence. By staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we ensure that our clients are well-positioned to adapt, evolve, and flourish in the fast-paced digital realm. At the core of our mission is the belief that success is a journey, not just a destination. We are not just a service provider; we are a strategic ally committed to propelling our clients towards sustained success in the ever-evolving tech ecosystem..

Services We Provide

Digital Publishing

Provide assistance in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards for telecom, insurance, banking and other clients.

IT Services

"Elevate your business potential with innovative IT services designed for efficiency, innovation, and sustained growth."

BPO Services

Specialize in insurance claims processing, ensuring efficient and accurate handling of claims for clients in the UK insurance sector..